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Legal Analyst Kelly Hyman Confirmed as a Guest Speaker at Kentucky Women’s Trial Attorneys Retreat

Kelly Hyman, a successful attorney in Colorado, and regular media contributor, is pleased to announce that she will be a guest speaker at the upcoming Kentucky Women’s Trial Attorneys Retreat on June 20 and 21. As a spokesperson for Hyman noted, the upcoming retreat will start with a social event on Thursday, June 20, followed by a full day on Friday, June 21. The retreat will feature panel discussions and other events in addition to talks by attorneys like Kelly Hyman who plans to discuss using theater skills in the courtroom. Hyman, a class action and mass tort attorney and advocate for consumers, is comparable to a modern-day Erin Brockovich. Besides being a fighter for justice, she also had a less than traditional upbringing when compared to most attorneys. The native Floridian was raised in New York City and Southern California, and has a number of acting credits under her belt, some of them dating back to her childhood. Kelly Hyman is probably best known for her role of Loretta on “The Young and the Restless,” and she also played Norman Fell’s daughter on the television show “Gettin’ There.” Over the years, Hyman has also worked on numerous commercials, including the now infamous Kit Kat “Gimme a break” ad.

Kelly Hyman is an attorney in the class action group at Franklin D. Azar & Associates and focuses her practice on consumer class action lawsuits. She also has extensive experience in mass tort litigation, having represented hundreds of claimants in claims and inpidual actions filed in state and federal courts involving water contamination, tobacco and Transvaginal Mesh and Bladder Slings. She was a member of multiple discovery committees where she performed common benefit services for various mass torts projects. She is also available as a legal analyst and media contributor.

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