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Kelly Hyman Explains Mass Tort Litigation

A civil action involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more defendants in either state or federal court, mass tort litigation lawsuits usually arise when a defendant or defendants cause harm to multiple plaintiffs via prescribed medication, medical devices, other defective products, or from pollution and other contaminants, for example.  An attorney that practices in the areas of class actions and mass tort litigation, Colorado-based attorney Kelly Hyman explains more about the process.

“Mass tort litigation allows an attorney or a group of attorney to represent several parties in otherwise individual cases,” explains Hyman, an attorney in the field of mass tort litigation. “Sometimes the process may even extend to a nationwide network of lawyers across the United States, all of whom can pool resources, ideas, and information in order to ensure justice for all involved,” she adds.

A graduate of UCLA and the University of Florida College of Law, Kelly Hyman is an attorney at Denver, Colorado-based Franklin D. Azar & Associates focused on class actions and mass tort litigation. A staunch advocate for social justice and women’s rights whose other interests include the law, current events, voting rights, female empowerment, and mindfulness, she is happily married to federal judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr.

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